The Mount Sima ski hill in Whitehorse is having one of its best seasons ever, reporting 1,700 day tickets sold over the Christmas holidays.

The Friends of Mount Sima Society says, including the people who bought season passes, an average of 400 people were on the hill each day.

Board president Laurie Henderson says good weather helped bring people out. There's currently one metre of snow on the hill — more than there's been in years.

"We do have quite a bit of the season left, I would say probably one quarter of the season has gone through now," Henderson says.

"The other big burst would be the March break, but between now and then we've got lots of weather, lots of snow, lots of days to get that hill open."

Financial problems forced the ski hill to shut down last year, but a community-based effort revived it.

Henderson says Friends of Mount Sima will hold a meeting by the end of this month to provide a full financial update and outline the hill's long-term plans.