Yukon College is set for some clean-up work this spring to remove mould from several areas of the college.

Mould spores were found inside the walls in 12 different places.

"We've had a couple of students and a couple of staff members who have had concerns because they are highly sensitive to mould, so we've had to move the classes when they've been in there," says Colleen Wirth, the college's Director of Student and Infrastructure Support.

"Other than that, we've really had minimal impact while we wait for the rooms to be remediated."

The college has closed off an office and a meeting room.

The mould was discovered in January after warm weather caused snow on the roof to melt. Some water dripped through the ceiling and into the walls.

The Yukon government has issued a tender to clean up the mould. It expects the work to be done by the end of May.