The Chair of Nunavut’s District Education Authority says Nunavut’s education system is failing students by passing them along.

Joe Krimmidjuar says a practice called "social promotion" has to stop.

"Students are being moved to other grades without finishing the grade that they're doing.  It's their age that they're following. The Department of Education is doing it that way and we'd like to see changes on that one," he said.

Nunavut students

Social promotion was originally intended as a measure to keep children in school and prevent underachievers from being singled out or ostracized.

Last weekend Nunavut’s Coalition of DEAs held its annual general meeting.

Krimmidjuar says a Nunavut government official was also on hand at the meeting to talk about the Education Act.

Education policy is being discussed as part of Nunavut's election. Nunavummiut go to the polls October 28.