Wildlife officers in the N.W.T. are on the hunt for the person or persons who dumped boxes of moose meat on the side of a highway near Yellowknife.

About 70 pounds of frozen, packaged meat was found on Highway 3 about 15 kilometres outside Yellowknife on Wednesday, Sept. 26.


It's against the law in the N.W.T. to waste or allow meat from big game to spoil, punishable by a fine. (CBC)

By the time the load was found, ravens were scavenging the wasted meat.

"It's a very valuable resource and to see it dumped out on the highway like that — it's very disheartening," said Ian Ellsworth, a renewable resource officer with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

It is against the law in the N.W.T. to waste, destroy, abandon or allow to spoil any meat from big game, punishable by a $575 fine.

Anyone with information about this incident or other incidents of meat wastage are asked to called the North Slave ENR office at 873-7181 or the Report a Poacher 24-hour toll-free line at 1-866-762-2437.