Yellowknife snowboarder, Molly Milligan, could still be heading to Sochi, Russia.

Milligan, 31, is originally from Yellowknife.

She's a slopestyle snowboarder who competes by doing tricks off rails and 80-foot snow jumps.

Milligan placed 14th in an Olympic qualifier last week.

"I'm definitely bummed I didn't make it to the semi finals,” Milligan says of that race.

“What I could have really used was that extra chance to differentiate myself from the other Canadian girls a little bit more."

The slopestyle athletes will be named to Team Canada tomorrow.

If Milligan does make the team, she’ll join four other northerners who are competing in the 2014 winter Olympics, including speedskater Michael Gilday, biathlete Brendan Green and cross-country skiers Emily Nishikawa and Jesse Cockney.