A Twin Otter plane is the newest to join the search and rescue efforts, as communities continue to look for a missing man and boy.

Four days have passed since a man in his 20s and a 13-year-old boy left Igloolik for Hall Beach, Nunavut on a snowmobile. 

The two set out on the approximately 70 kilometre journey shortly after 10 p.m. Sunday evening, according to Mayor Celestino Uyarak of Igloolik. 

It is suspected that they didn't bring extra supplies on the trip, said Uyarak.

Uyarak said that on a nice day, it can take up to two hours to travel to Hall Beach on the snowmobile trail which covers frozen water. 

The communities experienced some blizzard-like conditions starting on the weekend. The conditions have improved by Thursday, said Uyarak.

"When it goes anywhere between 48 hours ... you think of things that you don't want to think of," said Uyarak.

Uyarak said the search and rescue teams are not aware of any open waters between the communities at this time.

Extra help arrives

A twin otter plane arrived from Cambridge Bay to aid in the search, while the Canadian Rangers added about five more people Thursday.

About 35 snowmobiles are on the ground.

A Hercules aircraft was requested but wasn't able to fly in because of mechanical issues, said Uyarak.

Local people have been bringing food supplies and coffee to the hamlet office to show support and keep the morale up, says the mayor.

The community isn't releasing the names of the missing at this time.

"Even adults, even myself, even the greatest hunter in Nunavut could do the same [get lost]," said Uyarak.

With files from Pauline Pemik