A B.C. lawyer is taking on the case of members of an "orphaned" First Nation in the N.W.T..

The Rocher River band was dissolved about 40 years ago after the school burned down and people moved to other communities.

For about a decade, some former members of that band have been trying to be recognized as a signatory of Treaty 8.

They have now hired John Weston, a Vancouver-based lawyer to help get their band back and establish their rights.

Weston says evidence backs up their claims but more research has to be done.

"Many of the people there think that the descendants have been orphaned because their band is presently not recognized by the department of Indian Affairs," he says. "And they seem to have considerable weight of evidence but there still is some investigation to be done before we can reach positive conclusions."

Weston met with a number of the Rocher River people in Yellowknife recently.

He says he doesn't think it will take much time to get to the bottom of the Rocher River case.