A man is believed to have been stabbed on 50th street in Yellowknife early Sunday morning.

Laura MacKinnon was walking on the street, which is also known locally as Range Street, just after midnight when she saw a man bleeding.

MacKinnon said the man told her he had just been stabbed.


Yellowknife's 50th Street, also known as 'Range Street,' is home to longtime bars such as the Gold Range and the Raven Pub. (CBC)

MacKinnon, who is a medical school student and has first-aid training, helped the man while her friend called for an ambulance.

"Basic first aid: I sat him down, just made sure that he was breathing alright, monitoring his pulse. I applied pressure on the wound and just kept him calm," she said.

MacKinnon said the paramedics and police showed up a few minutes later and took the man to hospital.

She said he appeared to be in his late 20s or early 30s.

The RCMP were not available for comment.