Man stabbed near Yellowknife’s Coyote’s Steakhouse

A man is in stable condition after he was stabbed multiple times near Coyote’s Steakhouse in Yellowknife in the early hours of Saturday morning.
Coyote's Steakhouse & Lounge is on Yellowknife's Range Lake Road. (Google Street View)

The owner of a bar in Yellowknife says he's shocked after a stabbing near his business on the weekend.

RCMP responding to a call around 3 a.m. Saturday found a man with multiple stab wounds near Coyotes Steakhouse and Lounge.

Owner Edward But says there was an altercation inside the bar early Saturday morning. He says everyone moved outside when the bar closed.

He says he tried to help someone who was involved in the situation and was shaken up.

Owner Edward But says there was an altercation inside Coyote's Steakhouse and Lounge early Saturday morning prior to the stabbing outside. (CBC)

"So I told him, go through the back door, hop in my truck, I'll drive you guys home," he said. "I thought taking one of them out of there would have been helped. But apparently there's other people that were involved."

The man was treated for his wounds at Stanton Territorial Hospital and is in stable condition. 

But said he's going to increase security at the restaurant and bar.​ He plans to hire bouncers for busy nights.

“They may help defuse any situation if necessary. Like I said, I'm doing the best I can to make sure everything is safe for my customers.”