A 31-year-old man was medevaced after falling from a cliff on an island off the east coast of Hudson Bay on Saturday.

Digges Island

The man is a member of a research team studying thick-billed murres on Digges Island near Ivujivik, Que. Digges Island, like all islands in Hudson Bay, belongs to Nunavut.

Search and rescue technicians performed the rescue in a narrow inlet in foggy conditions.

Capt. Alexandre Cadieux with 1 Canadian Air Division in Winnipeg says a Cormorant helicopter from 103 Squadron from Gander and a Hercules aircraft from 435 Squadron in Winnipeg were dispatched.

"The two search and rescue technicians parachuted from the Hercules to the patient where they provided him medical care until the Cormorant helicopter met with the group," he said.

"They were extracted and flew to a nearby airport where the technicians and the patient were transferred to the Hercules."

Cadieux says the group then flew back to Winnipeg and arrived early Sunday morning.

The man was reported to be in serious but stable condition.