William Turner, the man accused of calling in a false report of a gunshot at a downtown Yellowknife office building, has admitted to CBC News that he made the call.

On Wednesday, RCMP responded to the Northwest Tower after receiving a call reporting a gunshot at the building. Police evacuated the Javaroma coffee shop, located on the building's ground floor, before proceeding into the office tower.


William Turner went to the Yellowknife RCMP detachment in November 2011 to admit he had leaked documents from the Government of the Northwest Territories. He admits he called RCMP this week from Belize to falsely report a gunshot at the Northwest Tower. (CBC)

RCMP later charged Turner, 31, a former Yellowknife resident, with one count of public mischief and one count of false messages.

Turner told CBC News he made the false report to police from Belize, a country in Central America where he says he's currently living. 

He spoke to CBC on a cell phone with a Belize number.

The former Yellowknife resident said he was sorry for his actions, and said he was high on alcohol and cocaine at the time.

He said he was particularly sorry for inconveniencing customers at Javaroma.

Turner said he told the RCMP the gunshot came from the offices of the Business Development and Investment Corporation, which is in the Northwest Tower. He worked for the BDIC when he was in Yellowknife.

He said he was angry because the CEO refused to give him a letter of reference.

Shortly after the last territorial election, Turner admitted he stole and then leaked documents involving an MLA who was trying to settle a debt he owed the corporation.

Turner says Belize has an extradition treaty with Canada, but it doesn't cover misdemeanours.