A man who was attacked in broad daylight in Whitehorse earlier this week is calling for more police enforcement downtown.

Mike Pearson said he was leaving his workplace on Strickland Street late Monday afternoon when he was approached by some young men. One wanted a cigarette. He said he didn't smoke, and the man attacked him.

"We were going at it for two or three minutes and then I got him onto the ground and I had just pinned him there and then I had two other guys come up behind me," Pearson said.

"One of them kicked me in the arm and was trying to pull me off and the other I couldn't see, I was just kind of covering my head."

A co-worker, Krista Meekins, appeared at that moment and scared the attackers off by yelling that she had called the police.  

"We just aren't feeling very safe," Meekins said. "This was an incident that happened in broad daylight, just leaving the back alley door that we all use many times a day including the two women that work here."

City council heard Monday night that public drinking and drug abuse are leading to increased violence. Pearson said he believes alcohol and/or drugs played a big part in the attack. He said he wants more enforcement by police. 

"In all honesty I think that's the only reason they think that's OK, because nobody stops them," he said. "I've seen cops drive right by them. The only time I've ever seen them get involved is when there's physical violence or harassment or somebody's called the cops."

Pearson said he didn't call the police about the attack, as the men were long gone and he just wanted to go home.