The Mackenzie Valley Review Board is asking for more information from the territorial government on construction plans for the extension of a proposed Mackenzie Valley Highway.

The highway would extend from Wrigley, where it currently ends, and connect to the Dempster Highway further northwest, to go all the way up to Inuvik.

It's an idea that's been discussed for years, and a proposal for the project is still in the beginning stages of its environmental assessment.

The review board says it can only properly assess the effects the highway could have on the environment if it has more details on how it might be constructed — specifically if it will be built in phases, disrupting different areas at different times.

So far, all the Department of Transportation knows is that most of the construction will be in the winter. But says it's too early to know exactly how fast it can be built.

The department has until Nov. 15 to respond to the review board's request for more information.