The Yukoner who won this year's coveted sheep hunt lottery in the Kluane Game Sanctuary has had a successful hunt.

Craig Hansen took a total of six days battling freezing rain, thunderstorms and even snow to get the prized Dall sheep.

The Kluane Game Sanctuary is a 22,000-square-kilometre park in the southwestern corner of the Yukon.

Hunting has been banned in the Kluane Game Sanctuary for more than50 years.

But, the Kluane First Nation and Environment officials say the number of sheep in the sanctuaryis strong enough to withstand the hunt.

This year the Kluane First Nation allowed two hunts to take place.

Hansen's name was picked in a lottery of over 400 Yukoners. The second licence went to an Alaskan man who paid a record $160,000 US.

The Kluane First Nation will auction off another hunt next year.