Just two people have declared their candidacy for the Rankin Inlet South byelection  the same two people who tied in the first election.

Alexander Sammurtok

Alexander Sammurtok. (Courtesy Alexander Sammurtok)

​Lorne Kusugak and Alexander Sammurtok tied with 172 votes each in the October 2013 general election.

A judicial recount confirmed the tie.

Both declared their candidacy last week in a byelection set to find a winner. 

“They could start campaigning anytime,” says Sandy Kusugak, Nunavut’s chief electoral officer. “They could have started campaigning a while ago. It's just that they cannot collect money until they've become a candidate.”

Lorne Kusugak

Lorne Kusugak is running again in Rankin Inlet South. (Courtesy Lorne Kusugak)

The byelection will take place Feb. 10.

The CBC profiled both of the candidates in the run-up to the October election. 

Kusugak was the incumbent in that election, seeking a second term as MLA.

The tie and judicial recount meant that Rankin Inlet South did not have an MLA present at the Nunavut leadership forum in November, where Peter Taptuna was elected premier by his colleagues. 

Voters in the constituency who won’t be in the community on election day can vote by special ballot. 

Advance voting takes place between Jan. 27 and Feb. 6.