Loki on the loose again in Hay River

Bonnie Dawson has put out an alert saying the dog she rescued from the streets of Hay River last fall has broken his steel lead and wandered off.
Part dog, part wolf, Loki could only be captured with the help of a professional from Los Angeles this fall. Now he's broken his steel lead and wandered off. (Friends of Loki Facebook group)

A part-wolf, part-dog in Hay River has broken his steel lead and wandered off.

Loki (pronounced 'low-kye') roamed freely in the town for years, but things changed when town officials threatened to deal with him this fall.

Local resident Bonnie Dawson stepped in and said she'd take him home as a pet.

However, it took several attempts and some tranquilizer for her to catch the dog.

Eventually, she hired an animal rescuer from Los Angeles to help her.

Now, Loki has broken his steel lead and wandered off.

In a news release, Dawson says Loki is wearing a black harness with his licence and name tag.

However, Dawson asks that people not try to chase him down “as he will only panic and then I will not be able to get him.”

Instead, she's asking people to let her know of any sightings.

“He is non-aggressive and will be very timid and shy if approached by strangers or chased, as those who have been here to visit with him can attest to,” Dawson wrote.

Loki is micro-chipped, neutered, and has received all required vaccines.