The Liard First Nation is preparing for an election December 16, and some members see an opportunity for change. In all, 27 candidates are running for council and chief.

Members of the Liard First Nation, like Danny Boya, say the community is divided

“For years the fight was going on about how things are going,” Boya says.

Boya is one of many who says he's angry with the current chief and council. “Nothing comes back. They don't hold general assembly. They talk transparency; there's none.”

Many people here call for accountability, and a new beginning.

Mary Ann Quash is one Watson Lake resident who says there are plenty of issues. “Land claims, lands and resources, gas and oil, elders care and just safety for our children,” Quash says.

Gordon Dick is another member trying to keep informed. “I’d like to know what's happening with this election. I hear a lot of things are happening at the Liard First Nation and we just got to wait to find out.”

An election will also take place in Lower Post, B.C. for deputy chief and their representatives to Liard First Nation council.

At least one voter there says the groups should remember their common heritage.

“They always say B.C. and Yukon,” says Annie Pete, an elder who lives in Lower Post. “I don't like that, because long ago, it's the white people make the borders. We never. We travelled anywhere we want. And now it's B.C. and Yukon. I don't believe in that.”

The Liard First Nation election for chief and council will be held December 16. Advance polls take place December 2.