When Stan and Melody McKenzie went for a drive along Haines Road Monday, they were optimistic they'd see some lynx along the way. 

The retired Haines Junction, Yukon, couple like to go for drives on the lookout for wildlife photos. They did not expect to see a mother lynx and her kittens leisurely sunning themselves in the middle of the highway.

At first, Stan spotted one lynx, Melody told Midday Cafe host Leonard Linklater Tuesday. As they pulled over they saw another, and then another.

"By the time it was all said and done there was all the kittens and the mama and they all just came onto the road while I was standing behind the truck."

Melody guesses the kittens were born last year. She said the lynx were looking at her and Stan, but didn't seem to be bothered by the human presence, just 20 feet away.

"During mating season they're oblivious to everything around them but we certainly didn't expect to see a mama and kittens and they just sat on the road and soaked up the sun a little bit."

The couple kept shooting photos until some traffic came along. The lynx slinked back into the woods, and were gone.