Jurors in the Norman LaRue murder trial in Whitehorse have the weekend off after hearing final arguments from Crown and defence lawyers.

They'll get final instructions from the judge on Tuesday before deliberating on LaRue's guilt or innocence.

LaRue is accused of murdering Gordon Seybold five years ago in Whitehorse.

The evidence against LaRue includes tape-recorded admissions from the accused, eye-witness accounts from his already convicted girlfriend Christina Asp, and DNA evidence linking LaRue to the scene of the crime.

On Friday afternoon, Crown prosecutors recounted the detailed description of the killing Asp gave to undercover police officers. They also recounted the altered version she gave at her trial.

They recalled how investigators found LaRue's DNA on the bloody baseball bat used in the killing, and how the victim's DNA turned up in the vehicle the killers were driving.

Jurors also re-heard admissions LaRue made when trying to impress the crime family he hoped would employ him. The crime family was actually a group of undercover police officers taping the confession.

LaRue's lawyer maintains the entire story is based on a mountain of lies, and his client is innocent.