Lawyers argue over fines in Yukon tire shop worker's death

The territorial prosecutor is asking for fines totalling more than $200,000 while defence lawyers suggest far less is sufficient.

A territorial prosecutor is asking for fines totalling more than $200,000 in the death of Yukon resident Denis Chabot two years ago.

Chabot was crushed by a transport truck at Integra Tire in Whitehorse where he worked.

His sister and two other relatives came from Quebec for the court hearing. They spent the day in territorial court listening to arguments about how much his employer, the trucking company and an employee of the trucking company should be fined for their negligence in Chabot's death. 

• Tire shop, trucking company found guilty in worker's death

The prosecution and defence are far apart on what they say are the proper fines.

In one case, a fine of $2,500 was suggested, much lower than what the prosecutor is asking for. One defense lawyer argued that even though Chabot was noted for being a safety conscious employee he was still partly responsible for his own death.

The judge will rule on the fines on Friday.

Chabot's relatives had been told the sentencing would be done Wednesday morning and had to fly back to Quebec late in the day without knowing what they had traveled so far to hear.