The largest Pine Point, N.W.T. reunion since the early 90s is happening this weekend and 400 people are expected to attend.


Gordon and Lori-Lyn Graham came back to Pine Point, N.W.T., to remember their daughter and sister Kerri, who recently died in a car crash.

It's been 25 years since the once booming mining town emptied out. The town used to have a lead and zinc mine. Now, the roads are grown over and there are few reminants of what once was.

Former residents are moving back in though — at least for the weekend.

"We went for a quad ride there and we knew where everything was," said Valerie Murdich, a former resident.

Gordon Graham and his daughter Lori-Lyn spent Friday afternoon hanging out in the spot where their house used to be.

They loved their time living in the town, but also went back to remember a family member.

Kerri, Graham's daughter and Lori-Lyn's sister, was brought up in the town and was recently killed in a car crash. Graham and Lori-Lyn returned to Pine Point last year to spread her ashes.

"Some of her ashes she wanted on the mountain, so I came out here and sprinkled some on the mountain," Gordan Graham said.


Allan Wilson's dad used to own and run the Pine Point hotel. Twenty-five years later, nothing is left of the building except the basement.

Allan Wilson's dad used to own and run the Pine Point hotel. Now, there's nothing left of the structure except its basement.

"There's part of the hotel I remember as a kid very, very well.


It'd be nice to go to your old school and walk through the hallways or go walk in the rink where you played hockey and do stuff like that and you can't do it anymore because it's gone."