The Qikiqtaaluk Corporation is looking to solve the bed shortage problem at Larga Baffin, a medical housing facility for Nunavummiut in Ottawa.

The facility has 87 beds, but it is often housing about 100 people. The corporation also has to pay for some overflow patients to stay at a hotel.

Lynn Kilabuk, the corporation’s vice-president, said they estimated there would always be 70 occupants.

"We knew that sometimes it did fluctuate over 100 to a max of 120, but it wasn’t consistently always like that. We just didn’t expect it to always be like that because you never know when patients or escorts will be going down for medical travel," said Kilabuk.

The problem will be on the company’s fall agenda, but Kilabuk said they talked about expansion solutions at a meeting in Iqaluit last week.

 "We have to look at our current footprint and see if we can. If not, we'd have to look for another location," said Kilabuk. 

The residence was built in 2009. Kilabuk said it’s often seen as a home away from home for Nunavummiut.

"We’re hoping that people still feel the same – that Larga is the place to be when they come down for medical in Ottawa," she said.