There are dozens of harsh descriptions about Whitehorse's movie theatres online, but now owner Landmark Cinemas has set up an email address so people can voice their concerns — or compliments — directly to the company.

Calgary-based Landmark Cinemas owns both of Whitehorse's movie houses: the Yukon Theatre and the Qwanlin Twin Cinemas. Complaints are mostly about the age of the theatres, their shabbiness and even their smell.

"It's not the movie quality, it's the actual theatre," said movie-goer Michel Bourget. "They're dirty and dingy. It's uncomfortable to be in there. I feel like I'm a pervert."

The president of Landmark Cinemas says comments like those are troubling. Neil Campbell says the smell is just the smell of old buildings and the theatres are clean and safe.

"Floors are washed," he said. "Every day the floors are being washed. We have a janitorial company that's in there every day.

Campbell added the company has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars improving its theatres. 

"We've set up an email address; we're wide open to listening to people's thoughts and comments," he said. "If we can do a better job, we're all over that."

Campbell says attendance is about where it should be in a city the size of Whitehorse. He says a new theatre will be built when the company can find a way to lower the construction cost.