Kugluktuk man denies Yellowknife sex assault charge

Noel Avadluk Jr., who is representing himself in court this week, told the judge and jury he had consensual sex with the complainant at her Yellowknife apartment more than two years ago.

A Kugluktuk, Nunavut, man accused of a violent sexual assault in Yellowknife testified in court Thursday morning that his alleged victim is the only one who was violent the night of the incident.

Noel Avadluk Jr. is accused of attacking the woman in her Yellowknife apartment two and a half years ago. 

Avadluk said the alleged victim became angry and combative soon after she started drinking a bottle of vodka he and his cousin brought to her apartment.

Because he's representing himself, he simply sat in the witness box and told his account of that night almost two and a half years ago.

Avadluk, 41, says he and the woman were in an on and off relationship for about four months. He says he made it clear from the start that he had two other girlfriends.

He says she was okay with it at first, but then she started getting more possessive. Earlier in the trial, the woman said she knew who Avadluk was, but had never been in a relationship with him.

Avadluk says after they started drinking that night, he went to the bathroom. He heard the woman raising her voice, telling his cousin to get out — something his cousin also said earlier in the trial.

Avadluk says he asked the woman if she wanted him to go and she said no. He said he calmed her down and they had sex.

Avadluk was not shaken by questions from the prosecutor.

The lawyer also listed crimes Avadluk has committed in the past, including four convictions for break and enter, two thefts, resisting arrest, and numerous breaches of court orders.

Avadluk is the last witness to testify. The jury is scheduled to begin its deliberations Friday after it gets final instructions from the judge.