People in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, are still busy cleaning up thousands of litres of oil that spilled in the community on Friday.

Steve King, the community’s senior administrative officer told CBC News that kids got in to an area near the Kitnuna Corporation. They opened up a valve on a tank holding used oil.

King said 15,000 litres of oil spilled out and flowed down through a ditch. Some of it went into the ocean.

King said Kitnuna officials, with the help of the hamlet, were able to clean up the oil in the water with beams and a pumper truck.

They are now using absorbent material to clean up the oil in the ditch and on the shore and are removing contaminated gravel.

King said due to their fast actions, he believes the clean up crew was able to recovered most of the oil which went into the ocean.

Alex Took, the acting president with Kitnuna, said they are in the last part of the cleanup.

"We've exchanged 90 per cent or better of the oil. We made some retaining holes to accumulate the waste oil. Those need to be finished being mopped up, and then this oil is dealt with… it's a very small area now that's left that needs to be re-evaluated for contaminants," he said.

Took said that although the spill has been cleaned up, it will be monitored over the summer.

He added that the matter has been brought forward to the RCMP for investigation.