Citizens of Keno City, Yukon say Alexco Resource's plan to shut down operations for the winter is the latest in a series of decisions by the company and government that have left the community behind.

Residents say Alexco's decision to close for the winter is a blow to small businesses.

"I used to get the exploration crews; those are almost non-existent this year," says Mike Mancini, owner of the Keno City Snack Shop.

"Tourism is way down, so I can basically say for me it is going to be devastating."

Jim Millie, the community's volunteer fire chief, says Alexco's operation has reduced tourism. He also believes the government has failed to develop the region's economic potential.

"Mills and tourism and residential populations in the same place at the same time, it just doesn't work, no matter what [Energy, Mines and Resources minister] Brad Cathers says."

The company says it'll resume mine operations next spring.  In the meantime, the community of about 30 residents will have to get through the winter without its biggest customer.