Dr. Ken Quong is once again taking over as president of the Yukon Medical Association. Quong served as president before outgoing president Dr. Rao Tadepalli took over, and he’s already setting priorities.

“There are approximately 18 Yukon medical students and residents out there right now,” Quon says, “and it's going to be my priority to work on recruiting all of them or most of them to come home.”

Quong is a born and raised Yukoner.

Dr. Rao Tadepalli won’t exactly be retiring. He’s been elected to the board of the Canadian Medical Association by his Yukon counterparts, and says he’s looking forward to working with doctors across the country.

“I will be offering the perspective of northern physicians,” Tadepalli says. “Especially Yukon, and the challenges we face.”

Tadepalli will start his new position when he’s officially appointed at the Canadian Medical Association’s annual general meeting in August.

The Yukon Medical Association held its annual general meeting in Whitehorse on Friday.