The Kaska say the Yukon Government has broken promises made about First Nation participation in the Faro Mine reclamation, and want the territory to give the clean-up job back to Ottawa.

Kaska leaders such as Liard McMillan, chief of the Liard First Nation, say they were promised a major stake in the $600 million mine clean-up project.

"We feel like we are being sidelined," he said.

McMillan said the promises included First Nation decision making, jobs, training and contracting opportunities that just haven't materialized.

"There's a lot of talk without much action."

He said Kaska people are directly affected by contamination from the mine but can't even get information about alleged problems with the clean-up efforts.

"We can't even begin to verify those rumours without getting further information, information which the Government of Yukon has failed to provide."   McMillan said the First Nation is now calling on Ottawa to take over the project and deal with their concerns.

Yukon government officials issued a prepared statement saying they "acknowledge the Kaska frustration."