The Kaska Dena Council has filed a court case against the Yukon government over quartz mining claims in its traditional territory.

In the statement of claim, the Kaska Dena Council says the Yukon government does not consult with it before granting approval for quartz mining claims, and does not accommodate its aboriginal rights and title before issuing claims in its traditional territory.

It says staking those claims "adversely affects" the title, rights and interests of the Kaska Dena Council.

The suit points out that Yukon has a duty to notify and consult with the Dena Council before allowing any mining exploration activities on its territory and that the government has failed in that duty.

The Kaska Dena's territory in the Yukon stretches from the B.C./Yukon border north to the Finlayson Lake area and comprises about 10 per cent Yukon's land area.

The claim closely mirrors a case the Ross River Dena Council filed and which the Yukon court of appeal has upheld.

The Yukon government has declined to comment on the issue.