Residents in Kakisa, N.W.T. are allowed to go back home after a forest fire forced them to evacuate from the community more than a week ago.

The fire initially posed a threat last Friday, when the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) issued a voluntary evacuation. Most people fled to Hay River

Kakisa fire July 3

A firefighter working near the fire that was approaching Kakisa, N.W.T. At the time, the fire was within 100 metres of the community. (Courtesy of Linda Croft)

On Wednesday night, the fire reached the hamlet, burning around it on two sides and causing a lot of damage along the east side of the community's access road. It was what officials called "the worst case scenario."

But Dawn Curtis, who's with ENR, says the rain on Friday night helped improve conditions near the community. She also says the direction of the wind helped Friday night too, blowing the fire into an area that had already burned. 

Curtis says the fire is now under control and there's a burn-out line all along the access road to the community

The road is only open to residents of Kakisa.