The Northwest Territories' Justice Minister wants people in Yellowknife to get out and walk the public trails again.

Great Slave MLA Glen Abernethy says some people have avoided the Frame Lake Trail since many sexual assaults have occurred on it over the years, including two incidents this summer.


Glen Abernethy says he'll invite people to walk with him on the Frame Lake trail a few evenings every week to help dispel fear generated by recent sexual assaults.

On Twitter Monday night, Abernethy invited Yellowknifers to join him for on an evening walk on the trail.

"If neighbours aren't watching neighbours, if people aren't using the trail, if people aren't claiming the space, it will be used by other people who maybe don't have great intentions," he said.

"So it's important for people to get out on our downtown streets. It's important for people to walk the trail. It's important for people to let those individuals who may have bad intentions know that they're being watched."

Abernethy says this fall he'll continue to invite people to walk with him on the trail a few days every week.

He says he was spurred onto the idea last week when a woman who was sexually assaulted on the trail this summer spoke up at a public safety meeting, saying Yellowknifers need to take the trail back.