Jury selection began in Yellowknife Monday for the trial of a 19-year-old man charged with first-degree murder in the death of Charlotte Lafferty.

Lafferty, a young mother of three, was found beaten to death in Fort Good Hope, N.W.T., on March 22, 2014, near the community's elders complex.

The man accused was 17 years old when he was charged and cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The accused sat at the defence table this morning as hundreds of people filed into the Yellowknife Multiplex.

Jury selection Charlotte Lafferty trial

Due to the large jury pool, proceedings were held Monday at the Yellowknife Multiplex. The trial will be held at the Yellowknife Courthouse. (Randall McKenzie/CBC)

Due to the size of the jury pool, the N.W.T. Supreme Court proceedings are taking place in the gym. Once jury selection is complete the trial will continue at the Yellowknife courthouse.

Thirty-four witnesses are expected to testify during the trial, including an elder who called police. Two elders witnessed Lafferty's attack from their apartments and frantically called RCMP for help, but many said officers arrived too late.

The trial is scheduled to take about three weeks.