It took days and hundreds of Yukoners but a jury has been selected to hear evidence in what is expected to be a lengthy murder trial.

Norman Eli Larue is charged with murder in connection with the 2008 death of Gordon Seybold.


The court summoned 1,300 Whitehorse residents this week to report to the Yukon Convention Centre at the High County Inn for jury selection for what's expected to be a lengthy murder trial. (CBC)

The court summoned 1,300 Whitehorse residents to report for jury selection at the Yukon Convention Centre this week. The court needed to find 16 people to serve on the jury: 14 actual jurors and two alternates.

The selection process was time-consuming. The judge first asked each candidate if they can be unbiased knowing the accused is an aboriginal person. Then they were asked if they know any background that might make them biased.

If they answered correctly on all points, then the jurors already selected were asked if they would accept that person to join them.

If they agreed — and it had to be unanimous — then Crown prosecutors and defence lawyers must also agree.

Late Wednesday afternoon the room erupted in applause as lawyers finally agreed on the 16th member of the jury.  

The judge gave the jury the day off Thursday, but they are expected to be on the job Friday at 9 a.m. as they are sworn in to hear evidence.

Warrants have been ordered for half a dozen people who walked out of the jury selection process or failed to return after a break. They could face jail time or a fine when they are forced to explain themselves to a judge.