Jurors in the Christina Marie Asp murder trial have heard another taped confession from the accused.

Asp made the admissions in Whitehorse while trying to show her crime family employers the scene of the murder.

The crime family was a ruse set up by undercover RCMP officers.

When Asp's fake crime family boss heard she'd killed a man in the Yukon, the boss immediately sent a team North from Alberta to supposedly clean up loose ends.

The clean up team was actually all undercover police officers who hoped to learn more details about Gordon Seybold's death.

Asp took the undercover officers to Whitehorse one year after Seybold’s death. It was March, and court heard the snow made it difficult for Asp to locate the Seybold property.

But Asp drew them a map and described in detail how she and her boyfriend Norman Larue beat Seybold to death.

Asp then directed them to the highway pullout where they disposed of their weapons and a bloody baseball bat.

Later, Asp showed the officers where they built a bonfire to destroy their bloody clothes.

All the while, two tape machines recorded every admission through hidden microphones in the vehicle.

Jurors are expected to hear more about the Yukon clean up trip when the trial continues.

Earlier in the trial, jurors saw a video conversation between Asp and a police officer who was posing as a member of the fake crime family. In that video, which was filmed without Asp's knowledge, Asp gave a detailed description of how Seybold was killed.

Asp is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Seybold, who died in 2008. She has pleaded not guilty.