Junior Canadian Rangers from across the country gathered in the Yellowknife area for a series of training exercises over the past week for an enhanced national leadership training session. 

They learned life skills and leadership skills such as first aid and driving a motorized raft. 

CBC's Rignam Wangkhang met up with the Northern section of junior rangers as they packed up their mobile tents, swam in the river and started winding down after training. 

Scroll down to see his photos from their time camping near Cameron Falls.

JCR Kendal Kuodluak, from Kugluktuk

Kendal Kuodluak from Kugluktuk, Nunavut says being a leader feels good because she gets to co-ordinate the work going on around her. (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)

JCR Jenell Ogruk and Sharion Poodlat from Taloyoak, Nunavut

Jenell Ogruk and Sharion Poodlat from Taloyoak, Nunavut go for a dip in the water. The junior rangers went swimming nearly every day during the training exercises. (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)

Joni Tulurialik from Taloyoak, Nunavut

Joni Tulurialik from Taloyoak, Nunavut overcame her fear of swimming while out on the land with the Junior Canadian Rangers. She's learned that 'you mustn't be afraid to be a leader, never be afraid to be one.' (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)

Canadian Ranger Natalie Komak and JCR Pauline Sewoee from Arviat, Nunavut

Canadian Ranger Natalie Komak, and Junior Canadian Ranger Pauline Sewoee from Arviat, Nunavut pose for a photo. (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)

Junior Canadian Rangers mod tents

Two Junior Canadian Rangers take down their 'mods' or mobile tents they'd been using as they pack up from their exercises on the land near Yellowknife. (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)

Clair Lafferty-Rymer, Fort Resolution, NT..JPG

Clair Lafferty-Rymer, from Fort Resolution, N.W.T., says she's learned that leadership takes time to get used to. 'It's kind of difficult, but it gets easier' she said, 'people get more comfortable.' (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)

With files from Rignam Wangkhang