A Yukon Supreme Court Justice has soundly rebuked a Whitehorse construction company for its actions.

Justice Ron Veale ruled that Whitehorse apartment developer, Brian Little, must halt construction on a building which nearby condominium owners never agreed to.

Veale said developer Brian Little bullied and used "subterfuge" to contravene the law and start construction on an apartment building existing tenants did not want.

Condo owners in Falcon Ridge asked the court to stop the construction because they believe it will diminish their property values.

The court found that the builders falsely signed documents which claimed the condo tenants had consented in writing to the new apartment complex. Little was also found to have signed documents without the authorization of condo owners, and told the condo board he had a majority interest in the project and could therefore do whatever he wanted with the property.

Veale said Little engaged in the behaviour to contravene the law to suit his own commercial interests.

Veale ordered Little to pay all of the legal fees in the case, in addition to halting the construction to the apartment complex.

Justice Veale says the ruling should act as a warning to other condominium owners, builders and buyers.