Joshua Petten, 21, of Langley, B.C. was sentenced to three years and three months for events involving possession of a loaded handgun. (Facebook)

Joshua Petten of Langley, B.C. was sentenced to three years and three months this morning for using a loaded handgun to challenge staff at Yellowknife’s Raven Pub last March.

Adjusted for time already served, Petten will serve a further 18 months in jail.

Petten was 21 and high on cocaine, marijuana and steroids on the night in question.

Witnesses said they heard Petten say "You want some heat?" and "Who wants to get shot?" before leaving the Raven Pub in a taxi with a 17-year-old friend.

They returned to the pub, only to leave again. This time, Petten pointing the gun to his own head.

The driver calmed him down, taking the loaded gun and passing it to his friend sitting in the back seat.

By this time, police were involved in what they called "high risk takedown."

Upon arrest, Petten lied about his name and date of birth for several hours, before revealing his identity.

Earlier this week, he apologized for his actions and pleaded guilty to illegally possessing a loaded handgun, a crime that now carries a minimum sentence of three years in custody.

Justice Karen Shaner says she took Petten's upbringing into consideration in making her decision.

He grew up in a broken home, with an alcoholic father and a mother suffering from mental illness.

Petten was bullied at a young age by his peers for being overweight and was treated for anxiety.

He has a Grade 10 education and because of that, a limited history of employment.

But Justice Shaner says that's no excuse for possessing a loaded gun.

Doing so takes thought, she said, because it shows it will may be used for more than intimidation.

It's "only an impulse and trigger away" she said.

Justice Shaner also acknowledged Petten's connection to Nomads, a criminal organization in B.C.'s lower mainland.

This morning, he was also ordered to give bodily fluids for DNA records and is prohibited from using any firearms for 20 years after his release from jail.