Jimmy Thomson


Jimmy Thomson is a CBC videojournalist based in Yellowknife. He graduated from UBC's Graduate School of Journalism after earning a B.Sc. in biology at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, N.S. You can find him on Twitter at @jwsthomson.

Latest from Jimmy Thomson

Canadian Forces eagle staff visits the North for 1st time

The eagle staff incorporates elements from First Nations, Métis and Inuit cultures, including a replica narwhal tusk — yet it had never previously been to the North.

MLA raises concerns over pellet mill emissions in N.W.T. Legislative Assembly

Shane Thompson wonders 'whether cutting virgin forest in the N.W.T and then burning it as wood pellets is an environmentally sound thing to do.'

Dozens march in Yellowknife in support of Indigenous youth

The march was one of many that took place across Canada and the United States on Thursday.

It may not be finished, but the Canadian High Arctic Research Station is ahead of schedule

While the federal government hasn't set a date for a grand opening, the CHARS main research facility is weeks away from completion.

British explorers train in Yellowknife area for winter expedition to North Pole

A trio of British explorers is setting out next fall to reach the North Pole during winter, which would be a North Pole exploration first.

New NWT Mental Health Act aims to expand patients' rights

The territory has finished writing the regulations for the 2015 law, which is expected to come into effect this year.

Ice age steppe bison skull found near Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T.

The skull was reportedly found by a construction worker on the Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk highway. It belonged to a much larger Ice age relative of the modern bison currently found in North America.

What does China's new Arctic policy mean for Canada?

The Chinese government has released a policy document on the Arctic, for the first time. The document makes it clear that China intends to pursue a growing role in the Arctic.

Judge rejects Hay River search warrant, cocaine trial sinks as the accused walk free

Cocaine trafficking charges have been stayed in Yellowknife court after the judge said police failed to fully disclose important facts about informants. A similar issue arose in a 2017 Fort Simpson child pornography case.

Yellowknife healing group to begin meeting Thursday

Trevor Kasteel survived years of abuse as a child. Now he wants to bring a model for healing to Yellowknife.

Scientists find link between group of pollutants and health problems in Inuit

A class of chemicals known to accumulate in the Arctic has been linked to chronic health problems in Inuit.

Canadian military developing surveillance system to monitor Arctic waters

Department of National Defence scientists arrived this week on Devon Island, Nunavut, to work on a new system to monitor Arctic waters.

Mars researchers return to Devon Island, Nunavut, for 'twin mission' with Utah

Six researchers are crammed into a small habitat on a barren High Arctic island while performing some research in the surrounding tundra.

Ducks Unlimited, First Nations and Métis partner to study N.W.T. boreal forest

A multi-year project is underway to study more than 31 million hectares of primarily boreal forest, an area nearly a quarter the size of the territory.

'Seemingly unbelievable' temperatures becoming more common in Arctic winters

The warm periods are linked with storms that penetrate into the Arctic from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and bring the temperature up by as much as 30 C in the middle of winter.