Jessica Johnson, 23, was sentenced to five years in prison Thursday afternoon for her role in a violent robbery and shooting two years ago in Haines Junction, Yukon.

The judge said he was convinced Johnson is genuinely remorseful and ashamed for the damage she and her boyfriend caused to the people of Haines Junction. He said he didn't want to crush her hopes for rehabilitation with an extraordinary long sentence.

Johnson was 21 when she and her boyfriend, Chris Cornell robbed a grocery store after assaulting and pepper-spraying a night worker.

When police pursued their high speed getaway car up the highway, they shot out the cruiser windshield, injuring the officer behind the wheel.

They crashed the stolen vehicle and were arrested a few hours later by emergency responders from Whitehorse.

Johnson says she was so high on drugs the night in question she remembers almost nothing.

Chris Cornell was convicted for attempted murder and is still awaiting sentencing.

Johnson says she is looking forward to the rehabilitation programming she expects in prison. She says she plans to turn her life around, and someday make amends for the embarrassment she has caused in Haines Junction.

With credit for time served, she has three years and three-and-a-half months left on her sentence.