Iqaluit-based band, The Jerry Cans, and Inuk singer/songwriter Saali Keelan helped raise $4,000 at a concert in Cape Dorset, Nunavut on Saturday to replace musical instruments lost when Peter Pitseolak high school burned down in September.

The Jerry Cans in Cape Dorset

'The crowd was amazing,' said Nancy Mike, the Jerry Cans’ lead singer. 'They were screaming at the top of their lungs and everyone knew the words to our songs.' (Kinngait Performing Arts Club)

"The community really needed something like this to help bring us back together after the school fire," said Claude Constantineau, the founder of the Kinngait Performing Arts Club and organizer of the concert.

A massive school fire on Sept. 6, left the hamlet scrambling to find space for students. The music department and organizations that stored their equipment and instruments at the school, such as the Kinngait Performing Arts Club, decided to fundraise to replace their gear.

"There was a massive line up before we opened the doors," Constantineau said. "Everyone had a big smile and it seemed like everyone just kept smiling all night long."

Nunavut's Jerry Cans and Saali Keelan were the star performers.

"The crowd was amazing," said Nancy Mike, who throat sings and plays the accordion with The Jerry Cans. "They were screaming at the top of their lungs and everyone knew the words to our songs."

Mike says the band was excited to lend a hand at the fundraiser and play for a crowd in a small community.

"I grew up in Pang having to find things to do," Mike said. "In a place like that music and art are really special."

The fundraiser was supported by the National Arts Centre's Music Alive program, First Air, Alianait Arts Festival, Canadian North, the Frobisher Inn and Qiniq.