Fuel barrels

Fuel barrels left at the site of the Jericho Diamond mine. This and other photos were included in a site inspection report by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. (Courtesy AANDC)

The old Jericho diamond mine continues to languish, according to Nunavut regulators, and there's no indication that anything will be done with the site, any time soon.

The Nunavut Impact Review Board has released a report on its annual inspection of the mine site.

It found things were pretty much as they were left, the year before: some landfills and waste storage areas are not properly contained; there are open barrels of mixed waste, and fuel spills that had been untreated.

Shear Diamonds announced a temporary shutdown of the site last year. Since then, regulators have had trouble reaching company officials.

The NIRB says Shear has not submitted any of its required reports for the last three years.

The Board is asking Shear to respond to its latest inspection report within 60 days.