Yukon's music scene is heading to Europe.

Soda Pony, Old Cabin, and Sarah Macdougall are going to the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany this September — billed as the largest nightclub festival in Europe.

The event happens in nightclubs in Hamburg's entertainment district and boasts a broad spectrum of emerging artists. This year, the theme is Canada. 

Andrew Stratis works at Music Yukon in Whitehorse. He says it's a great opportunity for Yukon acts to see a different market.

"It's great news for the Yukon music scene. It really adds a big point to the map for us."

Aiden Tentrees is one of the musicians from Soda Pony. He says going to Europe is the next big phase for emerging Canadian artists, like Soda Pony.

"It's about getting your foot in the door there and exploring a new scene and developing a new audience with a lot of new people."

It's the first time Soda Pony and Old Cabin have gone overseas.

"It's what any band wants to do. What a great offer," Tentrees said. "A little band from Yukon gets to play in Europe, how cool is that?."

The event will host more than 500 concerts by international artists. Other invited Canadian musicians include: The Jerry Cans, Matt Mays, and the Standstills.