Iqaluit is lending a hand across to Greenland for the 2016 Arctic Winter Games.  Nunavut's capital will host some hockey events because Nuuk lacks the facilities to do so.

Nuuk is the official host of the 2016 Arctic Winter Games. But in a controversial decision, last year it was announced that it was dropping hockey, curling, figure skating, speed skating, gymnastics and dog mushing because the city has no place to host those events.

Iqaluit and Nuuk co-hosted the games in 2002, and Iqaluit still has the right facilities to host hockey events. So on Wednesday officials from both cities announced women's and bantam ice hockey events will happen in Iqaluit after all, in 2016.

The Arctic Winter Games happen every two years. Next year's 2014 Games will be held in Fairbanks, Alaska.