Iqaluit city council passed a motion Tuesday supporting holding a public consultation on opening a beer and wine store in the capital.

Councillor Terry Dobbin submitted a petition with 95 signatures to Nunavut's Department of Finance earlier this summer asking for the public consultation.  

This could be the first public meeting on the issue since MLAs passed Bill 64 last year. It allows beer and wine store pilot projects in communities that support them.

"It's clear that prohibition isn't working," said Dobbin. "Bootlegging is still rampant within the City of Iqaluit. People are getting their orders on sealift every summer. And it's a much needed tax base.

"It's a pilot project. Everything is in the preliminary stages. All we're doing is wanting to get the ball rolling and determine whether the City of Iqaluit would be in favour of opening a beer and wine store in the city."

He says the public meeting could happen this fall. Consultations would also need to be held in surrounding communities.