Iqaluit's first tanker of season due in Monday

The Canadian Coast Guard says the first tanker ship of the year could arrive in Frobisher Bay on Monday afternoon, if ice conditions permit.

Arrival depends on ice conditions in Frobisher Bay

The Canadian Coast Guard says the first tanker ship of the year could arrive in Iqaluit on Monday, if it can make it through the ice in Frobisher Bay.

The first Coast Guard icebreaker isn't scheduled to arrive in Iqaluit till Wednesday.

A sealift ship is anchored amid ice in Frobisher Bay off Iqaluit last year. Last summer ice conditions delayed unloading of cargo from ships. (CBC)

"So this other first vessel, this tanker might have to wait until the arrival of the icebreaker, depending on the ice conditions," said Jean-Pierre Lehnert, the Officer in Charge of the Marine Communications and Traffic Services centre in Iqaluit.

The Coast Guard said the shipping company notified them the tanker from Newfoundland-Labrador would arrive on Monday afternoon.

Lehnert said right now there is some open water at the opening of Frobisher Bay but that could change depending on the direction of the wind.

Last summer ice conditions in Frobisher Bay delayed the unloading of cargo from sealift ships.

Lehnert said the tanker's arrival could have a big impact on the ice conditions in the bay, that's why the Canadian Coast Guard is warning people to be careful on Frobisher Bay on July 1.

"The intent is to advise people to be very careful around those dates because as I said, the ice conditions could be very greatly impacted by this first vessel coming into Iqaluit," Lehnert said.