It's been one month since the fire at Iqaluit's landfill was left to burn, but Fire Chief Luc Grandmaison says he's considering a number of options which he will present to city council next week.

A week ago city council passed a motion that Grandmaison "extinguish the fire as he sees fit."

Grandmaison says it's not as simple as putting water on the fire which could create dangerous airborne ash.

Luc Grandmaison

Iqaluit Fire Chief Luc Grandmaison. (CBC)

"Is putting water on the fire the best way? Is covering it with a tarp - a non-flammable tarp? Putting sand? Using closed-circuit water supply? We will start looking at these things in order to protect our citizens and our environment."

Since the landfill fire erupted last month, Grandmaison has maintained that it would risk water pollution and personal injury to fight the fire but he says he has sought advice from experts in the field of landfill fires.

Grandmaison will present options to put out the fire at the city council meeting on Tuesday.

In the meantime, an initial run of Dumpcano 2014 T-shirts by Outcrop Communications in Iqaluit has sold out. The company had intended to donate the proceeds to the Iqaluit Firefighters Association, but the donation was refused.