Iqaluit is planning to update its taxi bylaw in the new year, and at least one taxi driver hopes there will be tougher standards.

Rene Marois, who has worked as a taxi driver in Iqaluit for 20 years, says there are taxi drivers who don't play by the rules.

"You park at NorthMart and look at the vehicles there, the taxis, and you and you will realize very fast we don't have the same rules," he said.

He says some charge less than the standard $6 fare; some owner-operators only come in January and February when it's the best money; some let passengers smoke in their cabs and Marois says many do the bare minimum of mechanical maintenance on their vehicles.

Fares are also likely to change. The city's review committee has heard several suggestions such as taxi meters or zone-based fares.

"Their last raise was in 2006, so they obviously want a raise," said city councillor Kenny Bell. "But one thing that was surprising was they actually want the downtown core to be $5, which is a dollar less than it is currently, but they would like to have the farther you go out, the more it would cost." 

Passengers will also likely see signs in English and Inuktitut in cabs listing the new rules and rates. 

Bell says the committee will ask the public for feedback and make recommendations to city council at the end of January.