Kevin Sloboda, Iqaluit's chief enforcement officer, hasn't yet explained to city council why he wants $10,000 for Tasers and lasers. (CBC)

Iqaluit's chief municipal enforcement officer wants $10,000 for Tasers and lasers.

Kevin Sloboda's request is included in the city's proposed 2014 budget.

A Taser is a gun designed to incapacitate people with an electric shock.

Councillor Romeyn Stevenson says this is the first time he's heard of a budget request for Tasers and lasers in Iqaluit.

And it isn't clear what exactly the $10,000 would buy.

Stevenson says city council needs more information from Sloboda before it makes a decision.

“We wanted to wait until the chief municipal officer would come and present the reasons that he felt that they were needed. It was his budget request, so it should be him that speaks to it,” Romeyn says.  

City council's review of the 2014 budget continues this afternoon, starting at 4 p.m. at city hall.