An Iqaluit mother is complaining about a social worker who questioned her son at school about whether she or her husband drank or smoked pot.

Hannah Kiguktak said her 11-year-old son wasn't the only student approached by the social worker.

"He was asking him how much we drink in our house, how much we smoke in our house, like maybe marijuana."

Kiguktak said her son was afraid to go back to school, and she was afraid to send him and his little sister. The kids missed about two weeks of classes.

Kiguktak said she didn't hear from the social worker, and couldn't get any answers from the school or district education authority.

Mark Arnold, Nunavut's director of social services, said he's aware social workers can be scary for kids but he said their top priority is to make sure kids are safe.

"Oftentimes parents still may be concerned that we went to speak to the children, but it was necessary."

But Arnold also said parents need to know they have rights. If they think those rights have been violated, they should contact their social services office.