The federal government may be reneging on its promise to build a deep sea port in Nunavut, Iqaluit Mayor Elisapee Sheutiapik says.

A recent Ottawa Citizen articlesuggests the Conservatives are backing off from their election promise tobuild an Arctic port and launch a fleet of armed icebreakers, she told this week's city council meeting.

"Unfortunately, in the article it states that they don't envision, I guess,a port in our territory — very disappointing news to see in the newspaper," Sheutiapik said.

"I know acouple of meetings back I'd requested that we write a letter to the federal government to find out where they were at with the port and we never officially received a response."

The article quotesDefence Minister Gordon O'Connor as saying it's all media speculation andno final decisions have been made yet.

Earlier this week, the department told CBC News its new defence strategy for the country, including the North, has not been finalized.